Terms & conditions

refund policy

We accept refunds if below mentioned conditions are met:

  • Claim is made not later than 5 hours from order delivery.
  • Customer holds valid evidence with them to prove order's quality was not as per placed requirements.
  • Customer must provide us opportunity to revise the order to meet missing requirements.
  • We accept refund claims if order is placed with standard delivery timeline. Standard delivery time line is at least 2 days or more.
  • Customer is given due course of time and opportunity to submit their evidences to prove their refund claim as valid.
  • We shall require 3-4 working days for evaluation and settling a refund claim.
  • We shall require up to 5 working days’ time to start transferring funds for a qualified refund claim.
  • The transferred funds may take up to 3 to 5 working days’ time to reach customer’s account. That will depend upon the type of payment method customer chooses.


We accept requests for revisions only if customer is able to prove we could not meet order's requirements. We shall require 2 days’ time to provide the revised order. Customer can avail multiple revisions. Revisions are provided free of cost.

Terms & conditions

  • Terms of Use:
    Editmygrammar holds its customers responsible to ensure they use our website, products and services as per our policies and the terms and conditions as communicated through our website. If any customer is seen as violating any policy, he/she shall be held responsible for the legal consequences.
  • Services:
    Services and products at britisheditors.co.uk are extended aiming at providing facilitation to its customers. editmygrammar ensures that its products and services fulfill the requirements of quality at reasonable prices.
  • Cancellation:
    Editmygrammar offers the facility of order cancellation to its customers. Cancellation requests may be accepted by editmygrammar only if they are received before the staff at britisheditors.co.uk picks the order to move into processing phase. Requests received after an order has moved into processing phase are not entertained.
  • Privacy:
    Customers’ privacy gets our highest priority. We have implemented processes that ensure our staff treats customers’ information as confidential and they are saved in a highly secure place for the only purpose of using for providing better services to customers.
  • Security of Data:
    Being an online firm, we highly depend upon the data from our customers that is received through our site and other mediums. We have taken best possible measures to ensure data security.